A. Kenneth Fuller, M.D.

Like medication prescriptions, psychotherapy needs to be dosed for each person. Dosage refers to the frequency, intensity, and duration of sessions. Treatment dosage for  counseling is individualized for your needs. The frequency and length of sessions may be adjusted based your changing status.  We will talk about talk about it.

Advantages of Dr. Fuller

Personalized Care

Dr. Fuller limits the number of patients in his practice to about a third of the norm for a psychiatric physician, allowing thoughtful and comprehensive attention with each encounter. Patients meet in Dr. Fuller's unhurried office with little to no wait-time. Having the luxury of attentive visits allows him to focus on the best possible care for you, which is often overlooked in the rush of medicine today. Choosing Dr. Fuller provides comfort in the knowledge that he is monitoring your life details and researching the best possible care for you. You deserve the best! 


Psychotherapy — The Healing Connection.
There is good evidence that psychotherapy is an effective force to change brain function. Not all psychiatrists practice psychotherapy. I am one of the twelve per cent of American psychiatrists trained and qualified in psychotherapy techniques. I choose to be an active practitioner of psychotherapy. 

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Dr. Fuller takes the time to really listen to you.
Dr. Fuller conducts thorough therapy sessions.
Dr. Fuller focuses on you as an unique individual.
​Dr. Fuller limits the number of new patients to benefit existing patients.
Dr. Fuller remembers your history from office visit to office visit.
Dr. Fuller is the most qualified diagnostician in the area.
​Dr. Fuller provides thorough and compassionate care.