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Low Sexual Desire 

You have lost your previously higher libido. Now what to do? 
Tell your therapist, physician, or nurse. Insist on a thorough evaluation. 
Not all providers will be responsive or comfortable. Keep looking until you find a professional that works for you.

Women and men with low sexual desire may have a condition variously called sexual interest/arousal disorder or hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) or sexual arousal disorder or low libido.  

 Common causes of low sexual desire:

Emotional distress from work
Relationship stressors
Medical conditions
Heart disease
Neurological conditions
Hormone changes
Men and women with low libido (sex drive) can benefit from evaluation and treatment.   Addressing the underlying medical or psychological issues improves sexual function in these individuals.

  •  The essential feature is a decrease or absence of sexual fantasies and/or desire for sexual activity.   

  • Women and men with Low Sexual Desire report low satisfaction and unhappiness.  

  • Thus, low libido can greatly impact quality of life. 

  • Sexual  disorder  occurs in one-third of men and 40% of women at some point in their lives.  

If low sexual desire causes marked distress or interpersonal difficulty in your life, please talk to your therapist, physician, psychologist, counselor, social worker, gynecologist, psychiatrist or other provider.

A team approach works best.  Dr. Fuller will work with you and your team. 

The evaluation of HSDD requires careful and thoughtful consideration of the person and the multiple components of sexual desire.

Treatment of sexual arousal disorder can be challenging.  Primary care physicians may be too rushed to complete the necessary steps for evaluation and treatment. Most providers and physicians can make time if your request it. Let your wishes be known.

 The treatment of low sexual desire in includes:

Lifestyle changes
Relationship adjustments
Correcting medical conditions 
Treating psychiatric disorders
Changing or stopping medications that lower sexual desire
Marital therapy
Medicine targeting the biology of low sexual libido

 There are several medications that may potentially benefit men and women with sexual problems.  Various therapies have been shown to increase the number of satisfying lovemaking sessions.